Hi and welcome to my galleries.

I hope you find your visit enjoyable, illuminating and successful and please revisit as my Galleries expand and new ones are added.

Navigate simply by clicking on the above Menu. You will find my Galleries within 'PORTFOLIO'.

As you click into galleries a breadcrumb will appear under the menu, top left to also aid you with Navigation. Whilst on the top right the arrow head symbol will allow you to view a slideshow for that gallery.

Within these Galleries you will find orthodox images for your wall in a range of styles/genres as well as images from the natural world, in particular images of the small creatures all around us. These macro images as they are known are my specialty and make for Great Wall Art and an Interesting talking point.

At the bottom of each page you will find my external links and contact link, should you like to contact me or require any further help (Email icon).

The images are arranged into two Styles:

1). Without Border(s).

These are suitable for any form of wall art, for customers that prefer no visible borders and the best choice for various canvas and metal type mounts.

NB. There is a cutting tolerance of about 38 pixels for edge to edge prints at Loxley.

2). With Border(s).

These are primarily suitable for paper prints destined to be hung mounted in frames. These have a variety of advantages over no borders: 

     a.   Eliminates loss of image due to print guillotine. Also helps to prevent loss of image where the customer chooses a crop option other than the native format of the image. This will become clear at checkout.

NB. You can also do a dummy run to see how this works without checking out.   

   b.   The white border helps to isolate, emphasize and frame the image, thus drawing the eye. This method is used by many Fine Print Artists and Art Galleries.  

   c.  Because I have applied a large border (10 cm) it is possible to crop to taste for your own choice of border or simply leave alone to give yourself options when it comes to mounting and framing.  

  d.  Disadvantages are that this effectively reduces the size or real estate of the image. However, see c. which will allow you to crop in during the ordering process without loss of resolution or simply order a larger print.

The Choice Is yours.

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